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LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive
LambdaKing 1 - RayTechAutomotive

LambdaKing 1

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The LambdaKing 1 is a workshop tool for measuring the oxygen content of the exhaust gas for fine-tuning the air to fuel ratio of the cylinder or cylinder bank. The LambdaKing 1 will work with any petrol piston engine (ie not with diesel, LPG, Methanol etc). The device comes with a LSU4.2 Wide-band Sensor that can be inserted into an existing M18x1.5 socket in the vehicle's exhaust, or into the included weld-on socket.

The Lambda King 1 is designed to provide a compact, easy to use and economical exhaust gas analyzer for home and Workshop use.

The LambdaKing 1 is designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to measure and adjust the Air-to-Fuel ratio to achieve smooth running and optimal performance of the vehicle.

A properly adjusted Air-to-Fuel ratio can improve throttle response, power output and fuel economy.

The main numerical display provides a real-time readout of current Air-to-Fuel ratio by measuring the Oxygen content in the exhaust.

Graphical bar display of the air to fuel ratio(AFR). Range: 9-19 / Lambda 0.61- 1.29. Led segment No 17 will continuously blink to indicate the stoichiometric point (ie AFR = 14.7 / Lambda=1), thus providing a reference point

The LambdaKing 1 runs from the vehicle's electrical power but will accept any 12-15V DC supply. The device does not require batteries. The LambdaKing 1 comes with a built-in power lead and clamps for  connection to the vehicle battery poles.

The user can switch between displaying Air-To-Fuel Ration and Lambda as required by pressing the SEL button.

Features and benefits include:

  1. Australian designed and manufactured.
  2. The most cost effective device in its class.
  3. Quality and robust housing.
  4. 100% function test of each unit before dispatch. 
  5. Free Tool Pouch for safekeeping
  6. No battery required.
  7. Auto calibration function at startup.
  8. 1-year limited warranty for the original Purchaser.

The package includes:

  • 1 x LambdaKing 1 device, c/w integrated power lead
  • 1 x Wide Band Oxygen Sensor
  • 1 x M18 x 1.5 socket
  • 1 x M18 x 1.5 plug
  • Detailed and illustrated user manual