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Here are some of the most commonly asked question. If you are interested in more details, you can find our owners manuals in our shop section as free downloads. If you still have questions, please feel free to send us a message.

 SynchroKing balancers:

Q: What is the measuring range of the SynchroKings?

A: The range is 500 mmHg / 0.66bar  /9.66 psi.


Q: Is the SynchroKing suitable for my specific

A: Our SynchroKing devices are compatible with any type of piston engine in both cars and motorcycles, as long as they have M5 or M6 test ports in the inlet manifolds.


Q: How do I adjust my carbs and throttle valves?

A: A generic guide is offered in the manual that comes supplied with each device, but we do not have detailed information for each specific vehicle. This place to look for the adjustment procedure is in the vehicle's workshop manual.


Q: Can the SynchroKing be used to adjust the air and fuel?

A: No. Our SynchroKing devices are used to balance the pressure in the inlet manifolds only. However, if you are looking to measure and adjust your air/fuel ratio, our LambdaKing can help.


Q: My bike has a vacuum post built into the inlet manifold, which is not removable. Can I still use the SynchroKing?

A: Yes, if the post is around 5-7mm in diameter, the hose would slip over the post. Alternatively you can replace the post with the M5 or M6 nipples that are supplied with each SynchroKing device.


Q: What happens if I don;t use all channels on my SynchroKing; i.e. using a SynchroKing 4 on a twin?

A: Each SynchroKing will automatically ignore any of the four channels that are not in use. For example a SynchroKing 4 can be used on a 3 cylinder motorcycle, whilst a SynchroKing 8 can be used for a V6. The SynchroKing 6 and 8 models are also equipped with the option to manually select the number of active channels (8/6/4 and 2).


LambdaKing 1 MkII:

Q: Can I measure the air-to-fuel ratio by inserting the sensor into the exhaust?

A: No, the sensor requires reference air from the atmosphere to function, so inserting it into exhaust will not work.


Q: Does the LambdaKing1 Mk II work with fuels other than gasoline?

A: Yes. The Mark II works with gasoline, diesel LPG and Methanol, which are manually selectable. The Mark I model is suitable for gasoline only. 


Q: Can I use the LambdaKing MkII whilst driving the vehicle?

A: The device is not designed for on-road use, but yes it is possible. The extended cable version might be required.


Q: What is the correct Air-Fuel ratio?

A: Quick answer: There is none. The Air to Fuel ratio depends on operating conditions and tuning objectives, ie power/economy/emission etc. Generally though under acceleration the AFR is higher, around stoichiometric whilst cruising and low during throttle cutoff. See the LamdaKing manual and the 'Technical' section for further reading.  




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