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Coming soon - AFR gauge

Coming soon - AFR gauge

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* Showing a working Prototype, similar to production model . Estimated Release Feb 2022 *

The RayTech LambdaGauge is a 53mm (2-1/16”) digital wideband Air/Fuel ratio gauge intended for road and race use. The LambdaGauge is configurable to will work with gasoline, diesel, LPG, E85 and methanol and has an ultra wide measuring range of lambda 0.65 to 6.5.

The LamdaGauge response time can be configured to strike the desired balance between readability and speed.

Unlike most AFR gauges, the RayTech LambdaGauge is equipped with a closed-loop sensor heating control system that accurately controls the sensor temperature. The softstart function ensures the controlled gradual warmup of the sensor during startup, which prevents sensor damage and thermal shock, and maximizes sensor life.

The included wideband sensor is supplied factory calibrated and the gauge is fitted with a free air calibration function.  

Its ultra compact and lightweight design maximizes the number of installation options.

The LamdaGauge is available with a white and a black faceplate.

2 inch AFR/Lambda gauge for permanent installation. Complete kit with cables, wideband sensor, sensor socket and mounting bracket. (Gauge pod sold separately).

Features include:

  1. Super compact CNC machined ABS housing.
  2. Standalone unit, no need to install separate electrical boxes. 
  3. Selectable AFR or Lambda Display.
  4. Suitable for gasoline, Diesel, LPG, E85 and Methanol (caution notes apply). Custom fuel type programming available on request. 
  5. Super fast response, configurable in 10 levels to suit track, sport and road applications.
  6. Resolution 0.01 Lambda, accuracy between 0.8 and 1.2 Lambda: 0.02 or better.
  7. Graduating LED color.
  8. Range - 0.65 to 3.75 Lambda (numerical display)
  9. Automatic brightness adjustment for day and night use (requires wiring into the vehicle's lighting system.)

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