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SynchroKing 2 Mk II
SynchroKing 2 Mk II
SynchroKing 2 Mk II
SynchroKing 2 Mk II
SynchroKing 2 Mk II

SynchroKing 2 Mk II

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Balancing of carburettor and throttle valves made easy.

This new and improved version features:

* Compatibility with any vacuum source.

* Accurate within 2mm mmHg across channels.

* Digital dampening - No more bouncy needles

* Push buttons for repeatable dampening control.

* Manual re-calibration capability.


The SynchroKing 2S Mk2 is a universal vacuum synchronisation/balancing tool for both carburettors and throttle valve bodies. It suitable for any combustion engine with two intake ports from cars, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, carts, mowers and outboard engines.  The SynchroKing 2S Mk2 is designed to provide a compact, easy to use and economical synchronisation tool for home workshop use. The device comes with 2 sets  of 2 of each M5 and M6 nipples, enabling easy connection to the vacuum test ports on most vehicles. 


  1. Australian designed and manufactured.
  2. High quality and robust housing.
  3. Digital display for vacuum for four vacuum channels.
  4. Bar displays for differential vacuum display.
  5. Push-button operated dampening control.
  6. No battery required.
  7. Reverse polarity protection.
  8. Auto calibration function at startup.
  9. 1-year limited warranty for the original Purchaser.

The package includes:

  • 1 x SynchroKing 2S Mk2 device, c/w integrated power lead.
  • 2 x vacuum hoses.
  • 2 x M5 brass nipples.
  • 2 x M6 brass nipples.
  • Detailed and illustrated user manual.


For more technical information feel free to download the instruction manual from the product page.