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SynchroKing 4 - SPECIAL PRICE!!!

SynchroKing 4 - SPECIAL PRICE!!!

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Brand new SynchroKing 4. This is a remaining unit from first model. It works great!

The SynchroKing 4S is a universal vacuum synchronisation/balancing tool for both carburettors and throttle valve bodies. It suitable for any combustion engine with four intake ports from cars, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, carts, mowers and outboard engines.  The SynchroKing 4 is designed to provide a compact, easy to use and economical synchronisation tool for home workshop use. The SynchroKing 4 is primarily designed for use with engines with four inlet manifolds but is in principle suitable for any engine with more than one intake. If not all four ports are used, the device will automatically ignore the sensor input from the disconnected ports, making it possible to use the device on 2 and 3 manifold engines. The device comes with a set  of 4 of each M5 and M6 nipples, enabling easy connection to the vacuum test ports on most vehicles.