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Frequently Asked Questions

SynchroKing Balancers

Q - What are the benefits of SynchroKing balancers over conventional gauges and columns?

A - Higher accuracy, easier to read, auto calibration, on-the fly dampening adjustment, no moving parts.


Q - Do you have a store I can visit?

A - We are an online store only but occasionally host buyers for in person purchases.


Q - Do I need dampeners on the vacuum hoses to stabilize the reading

A - No, electronic dampening enables instant and uniform adjustment of the dampening.  


Q - What is the measurement range of SynchroKings balancers?

A - The range is 500 mmHg /0.66bar/9.66 psi.


Q - What if I don't connect all channels? ie using a SynchroKing 4 channel on a Triumph speed tripple?

A - The device will automatically detect the number of connected channels and will operate with whatever is the number of active channels without any loss of accuracy or functionality. As an extreme case a SynchroKing 8 channel can be used on a V-twin


Q - Is the SynchroKing suitable for my specific vehicle?

A - SynchroKing balancers will detect vacuum from any source and any vehicle. Usually the vacuum test ports are located between the throttle valve and cylinder head. The supplied M5 and M6 port adapters enable easy connection to most vehicles. M4 connectors are available for less common cases.


Q - Can the SynchroKing be used to measure the Air to Fuel ratio?

A - No. SynchroKing balancers are used to balance the vacuum in the inlet manifolds. If you are looking to measure and adjust your air/fuel ratio, our LambdaKing AFR meter can help.


Q - My bike has a vacuum post built into the inlet manifold, which is not removable. Can I still use the SynchroKing?

A - Yes, in this case the hose would slip over the post.




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