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Does as described AAA+

Prompt dispatch and delivery, trouble free throttle balancing. Well pleased. AAA+

Buyer Beware!

On arrival I thought the product was well packaged and looked like a quality product. After welding the supplied plug into the exhaust system, as recommended in the instructions, I warmed up my vehicle then installed the O2 sensor. Then connected the LambdaKing Mk II and restarted the engine to take some readings. The LambdaKing Mk II did not respond as I expected, and it quickly locked in the centre of the dial. The only way to get it to respond was to power it down and then power it up again. It did the same thing again. After much trial and error and re-reading the instructions, I called the manufactures for help. Beware! There is no help given. They would not enter any conversation to help me decide if I had made an error in installation or if I was using the LambdaKing Mk II incorrectly/correctly. They just kept on saying, “If you think it is faulty, return it. We will check it on our test bench. If faulty, we will honour the warranty. If it is the 02 sensor that is on you. No warranty.”

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are somewhat surprised by your assertion that no help was given, because we spent quite some time on technical support on the phone, during which various fault finding options were discussed. We also discussed a possible warranty repair of your device which was declined.

As we tried to explain, we are not able to remotely determine why your vehicle produced unexpected readings without knowing all the local variables. What we can do is make sure that our products work reliably by 100% function testing each device, and offering a 1 year return to base warranty, which on this occasion was declined. That leaves us without any real options to assist you.

As stated on our website and in your manual, the sensor is warranted is limited to dead-on-arrival cases because it is a wear part that is sensitive to contamination. In this case it did appear that exposure to high levels of unburnt fuel may have been a factor.

Excellent piece of kit

I'm only a hobbist getting and old '70's 911 going again - the LamdaKing MkII is fantastic, easy to use and understand -- great piece of kit !!!

Lambda King Mk 2

Easy to use, good detailed instructions. Excellent product support.

Lambda king

Great product and easy to use, makes tuning carbs so much easier

Completely happy

This is a very useful tool for setting up a carburettor or a fuel map. I am pleased with my purchase Very simple to use

Excellent new tool

Very happy with my purchase so far . Easy to use and gives and excellent result

Awesome tool

What a great tool for tuning. We use it for the first time today on a carburetor tune and holy cow what a difference it was to have live readings. The price was even better. Super happy with this tool!!!! Excited to use it more

AFR meter

Very happy with my AFR meter, fast delivery, easy to fit and use, good service...couldn,t ask for more.

High quality, easy to use.

Although this is my first synchro tool and experience using one. I’m no stranger to high quality tools and their ease of use. The synchro king is very impressive.
I would however find a better case for it, the one it comes with just doesn’t do the tool any favours.

Sniff stick is ****

The design off this stick is flawed, and needs to be rectified. Sensor is on the incorrect side in relation to the fixing lug, putting the sensor and wire in the heat zone. I had to fix mine, which cost me 75 dollars, and I want it reimbursed.


Thank you for your feedback. As discussed on the phone we will take your notes into account in the next revision of the design.

Our website shows the dimensions and installation photo of the device. We publish this information so that customers can confirm compatibility with their vehicle before purchasing; In this case just the photo of the Sniffstick would have made it obvious that there would be an issue with a large diameter exhausts.

We recognize that sometimes customers overlook the product specs and run into problems. We therefore accept (in most cases), change-outs, upgrades and returns. A return and refund was offered in this case too, but was declined because you opted to modify the device yourself.

Asking us to reimburse your labor on a public forum, after having declined the refund, is neither appropriate nor realistic.

All the best,


Synchr king

I Have never synchronised carburettors before did four together with your synchro king in minutes so easy to use. excellent product thanks Peter

Good product

Good product for the job at hand .

Wideband Sensor
Ian Gibbings
Wideband sensor

Received kit with everything required in good order and on time.
Had some difficulties getting it working initially due to it being on an older car but once I changed out the mechanical voltage regulator to an electronic unit and changed the solid core ignition leads to carbon leads the Raytech sensor works a treat.

Fantastic product

I used this to tune my car at the track and it was a Fantastic easy to use unit
Great value for money
If the unit is ever going to have upgrades I’d ask for & an A & B switch for v8 models running 2 sensors
Overall 10 out of 10

LambdaKing Mk II - Air Fuel Ratio Tuning Meter

Carburettor Cleaning and Service Kit 11 PCE?

The kit arrived on time and appears to be all there.

Great value for money!

As a motorcycle mechanic I have used many different vacuum balancing tools over the past two and a half decades. The SynchroKing is every bit as good as some similar far-more expensive tools, and much better than 1970s technology mercury or dial gauges. Happy to recommend these!

Throttle body and Carb balancer

High quality and accurate. Used on a variety of Motorcycles including a 6 cylinder Z1300. Amazing results with all bikes never running better.

great product well packaged

this kit is a great way to keep your service tools organized and at a great price too

Buy it

Very easy to use, and accurate. a great tool to have in any work shop.

Synchronise tool

Have not used it as yet delivery was excellent.. prompt service & delivery thankyou

SynchroKing - 4 Carb Synchroniser

Still getting use to it as been using analog gauges for many decades, the SynchroKing is much more accurate and sensitive to adjustments when compared to analog gauges.

Great tool for home tune and fuelling diagnosis

I bought this unit to gauge where the Land Rover fuelling was and it’s enabled me to dial in the carb to suit. It’s easy to use and portable configuration will let me check friends cars with ease. The pic shows the before…it’s now at 1.00 for most part. I’ve used with the sniff stick and very easy for checking as you fix things on the go.

Great tool for home tune and fuelling diagnosis

The sniff stick has made it easier to move between cars and is a solid piece of kit.


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