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I used it the same day it arrived. Very easy to use.

How to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

My dads love of bikes put me on to this Aussie made gem to sync the carbs on my 1992 BMW R100RT and in no time we had the 'ol girl purring like a kitten. She went from using 14km/L - 18km/L and the 'clutch rattle' has mysteriously disappeared too. Defiantly value for money and a great learning tool of why one problem may cause another.

SynchroKing 6

It was easy to power up using the bike's battery. If there is no vacuum on any one of the input pipes, the display is not used in the calculations. I liked, therefore, how it can be used for less than 6 cylinders.
Range can be adjusted along with damping, or not, for obvious reasons.
I am impressed with the accuracy and easy to see readings.
As gauges are spaced wider apart, it is more difficult to compare the readings. With this unit, the display of all six vacuum readings is within about 150mm, it is so easy to compare readings. It also shows the readings in digital format and has the bar graphs to compare differences.
It's the easiest setup of carbs I have ever done, I personally highly recommend it.

Works like a charm!

Very easy to use and accurate. Should've bought this a long time ago! Definitely worth it

Easiest bit of Kit, brilliant

Had used cheap gauges and never really nailed it, finally purchased one and went and did 3 bikes in the space of 30-40 seconds each, and all now are purring!.. don't know why i took so long, but it certainly did the job , and Aussie made!,,thanking you !

Great unit

Used the Synchroking to balance the carbs on my honda BF90 outboard. Great unit and Ray was great to deal with. Would recommend these units


Carburetor & Throttle Body Balancer.

I have used the Carburetor & Throttle Body Balancer once so far, found easy to use, so much better than the old gauges, looking forward to sweeter running engines.

A Lambda blast from the past

This tool has increased my MPG and no soot deposits on the tail pipe, so simple to use. The air that I breath is so much fresher.

I like the idea of no internal Batteries no leaks and who has not got access to a 12 v batt. on their vehicle?

What a tool

If everything in life was this simple we would have more time to enjoy ourselves.

Well done RayTeck

more than expected regards Stan

Best tuning tool you can buy!

I diagnosed a problem with a bike that had been running rough within seconds of hooking it up. Takes out all guess work when jetting carby. You can tune your bike to perfection without a dyno! Best buy ever!

Havenโ€™t used it yet I need two more m4 adapters

Excellent Product

Dead easy to use and very accurate. I love that it never needs manual calibration - a real pain with dial gauges. And not as delicate as mercury tubes. I'm now a digital convert and a true believer. Awesome job guys.

4 cyl vacuum gauges

Superb peice of kit, if your on the fence over these or a set of gauge type ones, get these. Ive used all types and these are the most accurate.

Excellent tool

10/10 would recommend

Very precise, I was surprised how far out my gen 1 hayabusa throttle bodys were out after using my analog gauge set-up before hand. I achieved excellent results and it was very easy to set up and use

Sockets and Plugs
Michael Mock
Great local business

Great business to have the pleasure to deal with
Quality conversation over the phone
Very good quality product, would not hesitate buying again, will spread the word about this business
5 stars

LambdaKing Mk II Review

This was the first time I have ever used an AFR gauge, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The LambdaKing Mk II is turning out to be a very valuable tool in tuning a project car. The gauge is easy to use and while our car runs on pump gas the gauge can be used with a variety of other fuels if needed.

Carb balancer

Iโ€™m new to the whole home mechanic thing but I have had an opportunity to use this balancer and a dial one. Ray tech one is easy to use and the instructions clear as. Very happy w my purchase!!

2 channel

Used to synch the carbs in my aircraft.

Lambdaking air fuel gauge

Good communication, quick delivery and well presented.

Well earth it

Tested it st home then took it to work. I have aways used mercury but can't buy it any more this tool is the first eletronic tool that is accurate enough to be with in 1 mm HG. It works as well as the liquid mercury. I would highly recommend this system for quality and ease of use I would recommend a newer model could have its own built in battery...

Synchroking 4

Awesome bit of kit, i was struggling with a set of mechanical gauges and it was pretty much impossible to use them with needle bounce. I ordered the Raytech unit and had in a few days and it took about 15 mins to dial in the sync on 4 Suzuki carbs. Having the led meter plus the numerical display with dampening control makes it great to sync all carbs to each other. Highly recommend this local product.

Lambdaking MR 2

Great little unit works well for DIY and auto workshop


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