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Way easier than mechanical gauges

10 out of 10.arrived well packaged. Very prompt. Bike runs alot smoother. Better idle to.well done.

Handy carburettor balancer

I found the unit was a lot easier to set up than the traditional nanometers. The scaling was very good, but if your looking for perfection, I’d still go for mercury tubes, but unfortunately mercury is not easy to transport (planes etc.)

Why is it not 240volt supplied?

This is a workshop tool and as such should have a 240volt supply? Im not going to be tuning my bike on the side of the road so battery clamps are not acceptable! Banana plugs at the very least so I can plug it in to a regulated and inverted 240v AC/12V DC supply.

Hello Doug.

Thank you for your detailed feedback.

The reason why our devices run on 12 volt is that the the 12V vehicle battery right there where you are working.

It is our view that most of our customers prefer simply clipping onto the battery over having to reach for the nearest outlet, use an extension cord, and having to acquire a regulated and inverted 240v AC/12V DC supply, to use our product.

It is for these same reasons that you typically find other automotive workshop tools such as strobe lights, also running on 12 V.

We believe that our website clearly specifies the operating voltage and it shows a picture of the alligator clamps on the product page, but we will be taking your comments into account for the next update.

Again thank for your business and taking the time to provide your feedback!



Norton Commando

Well made and does the job.

Syncroking 6

I just purchased a SyncroKing 6 had the opportunity to use it today on my Porsche 911 with independent throttle bodies. It worked well and very accurate. The throttle response is so much smoother and I was able to synchronise them perfectly. Thanks for designing and manufacturing this in Australia. Well done.

SynchroKing Carby/Throttle balancer - Excellent kit

I was looking for one of these for a while to tune my GRiSO after a throttle body clean, then this one popped up on Insta. Good price and the company has a good rep so gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived so quickly (I failed to realise the business is located in my home city of Perth😁). High quality kit with robust hoses and machined nipple connectors. I had the Guzzi tuned in no time at all. It’s made a noticeable improvement to fuel economy, power and throttle pick up. Very very happy.

Perfect- straight forward

Easy to use, simple instruction. Quality made

All the way in Canada EH!

I'm from Canada and I've ordered the unit. I just got notice the unit will be arriving in a couple of days. I'm super stoked about using this gadget and I'm looking to use it at my motorcycle service location. Definitely gonna be an added value part of my service that offers a little more precision, accuracy and speed while keeping one step ahead of the competition. Thanks in advance I look forward to giving more feedback once I put it to use.

5 star

This is a great product,very user friendly and accurate. Thanks Mick

Easy balancer

Great product! Very easy to use ! Plug and play. ! Just read the instructions!

Great product

It took 5 mins to familiarise myself with the gauges then about 2 - 3 minutes to balance and tune my carbies. Great result!

Love It

Did not like it, loved it. Richard

Excellent product and good service

Great Quality, Accurate & Affordable!

Great Quality, Accurate & Affordable! Really happy with the gas analyser. I use it on a regular basis and so far so good. Accuracy is great, very good quality and at a more than reasonable price compared to other analysers on the market.

Five star

I’m very happy works great easy to use compact light weight five star.

Easy to use very versatile

Excellent service, and tool is very good quality

Finally a product that surprises you with its effectiveness !

I have used a mercury manometer for 50 years but It got damaged and you can no line buy them so I was looking for a replacement. I tried a set of Bourdon tube gauges but the pulsation made them almost useless and when damped stupidly inaccurate. I decide to give the modern alternative a try and and bought a set of SynchroKing pressure transducer balances to try. The result is that they work better than I would have thought possible - what used to be a tedious and frustrating task is now just an easy couple of minutes work and the accuracy of the result is better that I have ever been able to achieve previously. I never bother to review products normally but since this so pleasantly surprised me with with its quality and effectiveness I decided to make an exception.


First when I went to use this Tool I checked my calibration at just idle speed, did not work. You can only set your throttle calibration on the BMW properly at 2000rpm that tool is brilliant ant easy to use Bike Ideals and runs much smoother 😎👍Great product if used properly 😂👍

First impressions

My first impressions are great, postage promt and on time. unit came well packed to prevent being dsmaged and in its own zep up case. Quality of the unit looks great and i chose the 5m cable length so i have no problem using it with any vehicle. Cant wait to give it a try now.

Fantastic item

So happy i bought one of these A/F Ratio kits
Easy to deal with will buy from them again.

Great piece of kit

Love it compact and works well


Excellent piece of kit makes syncing carburettors so easy do yourself a favour you’ll be so happy with this awesome tool..

SynchroKing - Carburetor & Throttle Body Balancer


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