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SynchroKing 4S MkII (4 Channel)

Best bit of kit I purchased. Australia to UK in 9 days. Very easy to use, repeatable and accurate readings. Sorted my idleing and throttle response issues saving me having to use a mechanic.

I finally received the Lambdaking Mk11 after a mess up by Aust Post. Raytech despatched the unit very promptly, and then Ray went out of his way to find what Aust Post had done with it - All resolved. Thank you Ray!
Used the unit on some of our classic cars and it works a real treat - very easy to use and understand. Can strongly recommend this unit!


Great service and product.

Received the unit on time, found it to be a great asset to carb tuning works well, great service

Petrol with water methanol injection

Works a treat, very happy

Carb balance synchroking

What a great bit of equipment
Got delivered on time,in perfect working order.
Very accurate, great value for money
I highly recommend this product 👍👍👍

My first digital throttle body sync tool

Fantastic unit. I found the material case could be deeper to fit better. And not sure if that's a standard. The rubber hose hole was a little bit large to fit snug onto my Yamaha fjr 1300 throttle body stems. And could suggest maybe something different another piece of hose that's different colour like white or silicon clear that can be used as the master reference for tuning. Apart from that it's really awesome and I am telling others about it within my bike riding group.

Versatile valuable tool

I've found this tool invaluable for setting up early model Ljetronic air flow meters. Good job Ray. Regards

Synchroking 6

Excellent piece of equipment, most impressive so far , working through the bike fleet !

Just the Ducks guts

bought both the synchronizer and air/fuel ratio guage, both are excellent both my EH with a very warm 179 with twin Stonbergs is running like a dream and purrs like a kitten but give ithe boot and she roars like a lion. As for the 302 Cleveland powered 47 Ford Pilot with the 500CFM 4 barrel on it is running like a clock smmoth and much more power. Excellant products.

Have not used it yet

It looks good

Air fuel ratio gauge

Gauge works perfectly as described makes my job easier tuning cars with carburettors recommended to anyone 👍

Digital AFR kit

Compact easy to read diagnostic tool

Received and used review of SynchroKing 4 x Carb

Guys, it took a little longer to arrive, but Post these days are affected by all sorts. The item comes in a useful pouch with all accessories required, I used the synch on a twin carb machine. I didn't read the instructions (I'm a male...) and it performed straight out of the pouch without any issues. Very simple to use, it appears to be very accurate (I tested my carbs with a mercury setup immediately before hand - very similar outputs on the displayed performance of the carbs). I am confident the accuracy is much finer than the mercury setup.

No internal batteries or 240volt hook ups, very simple plug (onto vehicle battery) and play. Wishing there was some sort of hook or ring mechanism and back rest system on the reader, but easy enough to rest the reader on the seat or tank (motorcycle).

It took me 30 seconds after attaching to the carbs to synch and unhook the Synch balancer!



Works like a charm

AFR gauge

Works extremely well, very simple, no problems, just follow the instructions and all is good. Very pleased with product.

Carby balancer

Killa tool, great communication, delivered well within time

Fantastic tool, astonishing value.

Purchased the 4 channel raytech to balance the throttles on a few motorcycles... 3 cylinder triumph, 2 & 4 cylinder BMWs. I was on the hunt for a tool that would give an accurate and precise result. Not convinced that an analogue gauge would give the best results i was eyeing off something digital. Well for a similar price to a motion pro nanometre i found this gem, a precision tool which is super easy to use and made in Australia.

If you need a balancing tool for throttles or carbies, get one of these, it's a no-brainer.

Very easy to use, precise and accurate. The built in dampening is fantastic, really means that you can get a very precise adjustment as it smooths out the numbers in a manner that makes the data easier to use.

This tool will not disappoint. So much better than a crude gauge, up and running in seconds and stores away easily in a small case.

Such a great tool!

The SynchroKing is so easy to use! With the graph bars giving an instant, intuitive reading of relative vacuum signals, and the highly accurate digital readouts, it makes carburetor synchronization a breeze. I have been tuning carburetors for 50 years, and this tool is the best I’ve used by far!

LambdaKing Mk II - Air Fuel Ratio Tuning Gauge

E85 compatible works great

Very happy with this product, Aussie made, works quality bit of gear, arrived fast.

Super easy to use

My first balancer purchase - I disliked the idea of fluid/ mercury based units and didn’t trust the accuracy or repeatability of cheap analogue gauges. This one looked like the best of all worlds and the proof was in using it - so simple. Very happy

Arrived on time and easy to use. Had my carbs synchronized within half an hour


worked well and great delivery considering all going on

Brilliant, V bought a 4 column set 18 months ago and there brilliant easy to use once adjusted to suit each individual bike!


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