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Works well on larger bore exhaust pipes partly protecting the oxygen sensor

Offers versatility to work on engines that do not have welded sensor nuts. However it is too large a diameter for some mcycle exhaust pipes and would prefer it in steel with a smaller OD for this purpose in steel not aluminium. Will have to manufacture my own until Ray can offer one.


Excellent product. It did exactly what I needed to do and was easy to set up

Brilliant and easy to use

Worked perfectly, haven’t synchronised carburettors for many years

Carb sync tool

Excellent makes the job very easy

LambdaKing Mk II - Air Fuel Ratio Tuning Meter

Lambadaking MkII

There communication and after sales service is bad. I have called and sent emails in regards to a problem I have with the unit but unfortunately they will not return calls or emails. Very disappointing as I am supporting an Australian business and one of this the reason I purchased. Also purchased carburettor balancer and have had no issues with that at all its a great unit so that is also why I purchased agin.

Hello Shawn,

I think you might have missed our message on the 17th of January in response to your query about the sensor being 'a lot larger than anticipated'. If you still require assistance feel free to contact us on



Afr gauge

What an excellent product does what it
Was made to do highly recommend
This company and products

A must have tool for the motorcycle mechanic

The SynchoKing was so easy to use and the results are instant. Synchronising multiple carburettors has never been made easier.I should have bought this great tool years ago.

Excellent unit

After trying various ways to tune my twin cyl bike the Synchroking help with diagnosis.
Even after then trying by ear I rode the bike for a day and still wasn’t happy. I was out in the higher rev range which the Synchroking helped out nicely.

SynchroKing - Carburetor & Throttle Body Balancer

Great product, fast delivery, so easy to use. Thank you Raytech
Wish I knew about this product earlier. The time I've wasted previously, trying to get fuel systems balanced I'll never get back.

SynchroKing 4S MkII (4 Channel)

Really good product. Made it easy to balance my (4) throttle bodies. The only issue I had was that the diameter of the supplied tubing was too big to fit the vacuum stubs on the throttle bodies of my bike (GSX1400). The stubs are pressed into the throttle bodies on this model - ie it doesn't have screws to remove and install the supplied nipples. I had to join the supplied tubes onto smaller tubes (about 3mm ID) to fit my bike. I note on another bike I own (GSXR1100) the supplied M5 nipples will **** into the carby's and the supplied tubing will be fine.

Sniff stick

Great tuning tool. Took the guessing of mixture settings out of my 350 chev engine with a large camshaft. Thankyou for good service . Cheers

Worked Perfectly

Syncronised the carbies on three bikes (4 cylinder engines) this week after receiving the SynchroKing. Very happy with it and made the job some much easier and quicker. I would recommend the SynchroKing to anyone who tunes motorcycles.

Wideband Sensor
Anthony Leitch
O2 sensor was fine

Australia post let myself and RayTech down taking 21 days to deliver my part after charging me $17.00 air freight which should have taken max 4 day’s delivery.

Great gadget

Worked a treat … far superior to the analog gauges etc

Great product backed up with excellent service

Very easy to use and has really assisted with carby jet tuning. The first unit received was faulty and within 24 hours another replacement unit had been sent out. Support was responsive and easy to deal with. Fantastic to see an aussie product backed up with great customer service.

Quality tool, best recent addition to tool box

100% happy with this tool, needed for trouble shooting and checking carburettor vehicles/motorcycles
Very happy with my purchase

Lambda King MK2

As an Automotive Technician with 41 years experience I found the meter simple to operate , clear display, bang for buck and the luxury of cable length is awesome


Very useful when using on multiple vehicles

Port Adapters
Baseline mechanical
Great product

Use device regularly great quality excellent for tuning very precise

Carburettor balancer

I’ve used just about every carb balance contrivance known to man and always seem to get water or mercury sucked into the engine,
This thing is the best ,
Quick and easy and spot on results 👍😃

Very handy

Its a joy compared to plug chop style tuning ,chasing jetting and mixture settings .
The only improvement i could suggest for people with lesser experience is more information in relation to using it in the manual and i haven't found yet any info online utube etc .
Other than that ..definitely money well spent

4 port balancer

Works great,only negative thing is the holder case is a bit small.

Australian made . Quick delivery quality product. Very Happy.

Great tool, great value

This tool has paid for itself already with the hours and guess work saved when trying to tune carby cars in our workshop.


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